Do you have an area in your home that is a hot mess? Are you so overwhelmed by it that you can’t seem to tackle it on your own? Sarah Burnside with Renew Organizing can help you!

Maybe you are moving and need help organizing and packing? She can do that, too! Or you’re the executor of an estate and you’re just too drained to get it all done. Sarah is there to help!

Sarah Burnside is a local mom who grew weary of the drive to Brentwood every day, and decided to take a leap of faith and go into business for herself doing something that she loves. She loves cleaning out spaces and organizing them into functional, beautiful rooms that can be enjoyed for years to come.

From the initial consultation to the finished product, Sarah is there every step of the way. She helps you decide which items should stay in your space and which ones would be better elsewhere. Decluttering can be an emotional process, and Sarah wants to help others work through that so they can have a space they love.