Do you love summer because you know that means the return of the “summer glow” that makes us all look healthier?? If you’re like me, you love it, but not the dry skin and wrinkles that can come with too much time in the sun. Shanna Hall of Globody has just the product for people like you and me!

Globody is a spray on tanning product that Shanna customizes to each of her clients. You get just the right amount of summer glow for your skin type! No Oompa Loompa orange either! And don’t worry, it’s not one of those talking spray booths that everyone remembers Ross from Friends using either. Shanna sprays each customer individually so your tan is truly personalized to you.

To top it off, Globody is a natural product free from harsh chemicals, it won’t stain your clothes, and it doesn’t smell as strong as many other tanning products on the market. To book your next appointment with Shanna, follow here